What happens when two women-led brands come together?

The Andaman Collection:
A MonPanama and Siamese Dream Collaboration

“Un peu plus loin, nous trouvons enfin notre chaloupe sous pression et, sans perdre de temps, nous nous mettons en route pour la mer d’Andaman.”

“A little further on, we finally find our boat, and without wasting anymore time, we set off for the Andaman Sea.”

Admiration for each other’s brands is what brought MonPanama and Siamese Dreams together for this collaboration, and it is by chance—or by fate—that these two women-led brands share a compatible vision for beach and everyday wear.

After having been each other’s customers for a while, Mika Wassenaar from Siamese Dreams and MonPanama’s Anne-Claude Toral reunited once again over coffee at Phuket last December, where they decided to do something together. The gears for collaboration started turning right away, as both women’s products complemented each other so well and shared a common ground in their ethos and price points.

The second step was the draw upon what each of them was already good at. MonPanama has a concept of “traveling back in time” with its love for classic accessories, such as hats and bags. Meanwhile, Siamese Dreams makes lounge and resort wear that is extremely comfy yet stylish enough to spark conversations at a party. Some of Siamese Dreams’ bestsellers are their Luxe Shirt, Luxe Trousers, and Luxe Robe, while MonPanama’s are the classic Fedora, magnetic hat holders, and Lauren bag.

Examining it all side-by-side, the two women pulled on their collective strengths and looked at new territory, inventing brand new items, such as the Wrap Skirt for Siamese Dreams, and the Anais clutch, Bella bucket hat, Noa beach bag, and Iris vizor for MonPanama.

As partners, they also felt that a print was needed to tie the collection together seamlessly. Siamese Dreams already had its signature Toile De Siam print, created by Thai artist Pabaja. For the Andaman Collection with MonPanama, the iconic print was reimagined with a fresh, new color palette. The new print’s vibrant teal background offsets its monochromatic, beige and brown foreground, which, viewing from afar, instantly evokes a sense of sea and sand.

But do look closely to see the wonderful details of classic Thailand, including elements of wildlife, traditional architecture, and, of course, indigenous foliage. The final result is a print that is both modern and timeless, and evocative of the love of travel and the beauty of Thailand. Within the collection, the signature print finds itself on scrunchies, scarves, and garments, as well as on the inner linings of the Anais pochette, on the scarf for the Fedora, and on one of the sides of the reversible Bella bucket hat.

Most importantly, the two brand founders wanted to ensure that their work empowers women directly through employment. The collection is also produced as a small-batch, limited-edition collection and can be found online on both MonPanama.com and SiameseDreams.com. Siamese Dreams and MonPanama will be hosting an official launch party in Phuket with a couple of other events before Christmas, so stay tuned for more details. What MonPanama and Siamese Dreams have created together is an ode to travel and heritage; to dreams of the ocean and other exotic delights of Thailand; to timeless elegance; and to sustainable craftsmanship. Explore the Andaman Collection now and discover that unexpected travel essential that you would love to take on your adventure—perhaps a hat or a bag or luxurious Pyjama set.

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Inspired by her travels and her passion for old movies, the Swiss founder of MonPanama, Anne-Claude Toral, has been fascinated by Panama hats and handbags since her childhood…. [read more]

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