MonPanama customized branding for
exclusive gifts & mementos

Available to corporations and individuals, MonPanama’s customized branding service is the perfect way to delight valued customers or honored guests with a high-value representation of a brand or an exclusive memory of a special event.

Trusted by high-profile clientele, MonPanama is regularly commissioned by luxury hotels, event organizers, and destination & luxury wedding planners, among others, to create signature Panama hat collections for their discerning guests.

Individually crafted to the client’s specifications of fabric labels and metallic pins, and presented in customized handmade hat boxes or cotton pouches, each custom-branded MonPanama hat makes a unique VIP gift, anniversary memento, co-branding accessory, or luxury souvenir.

MonPanama also supports each customer with product training that includes storytelling and visual merchandising,
such as hat stands, books, and mirrors.