Wanderlust Collection

Wanderlust Collection

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “wanderlust” as “a strong desire to travel”. However, I prefer my own definition of “dreaming of wandering and wondering always”. This word has befittingly become the name of my latest collection—a love letter to the many female friends I have accumulated over the years of living here in wondrous Thailand. 

When I think about the friends I have known for many years, I think about two things: how we love to travel and how as time passes, we inevitably enter into different stages of our lives, transforming physically and mentally. The older we become, the better we know ourselves and what we want (and don’t want) in our lives. To this effect, the clothes that we wear daily accompany us on this journey of self-discovery; we are meant to let go of the clothes which no longer suit us and build up a wardrobe that empowers us. 

Design Mindset

The environment of Southeast Asia adds an extra prerequisite for designs to be comfortable and liberating. So, with this collection, most of the pieces are free-size and not restricting; I also wanted to design a collection that was flattering on all shapes and sizes. 

As a travel wear brand that believes in purposeful garments and accessories, it is always important that my designs fit versatile itineraries and situations as well. For instance, Bangkok is chaotic and flexibility is key to thriving in this environment. One moment, we’re in a comfortable, air-conditioned taxi, and the next moment we might need to hop on a tuk-tuk, a ferry, or the BTS. At the same time, Thailand has a wealth of fascinating destinations beyond the capital, which I’m sure we all like to explore from time-to-time. At the beach, comfort is desired. However, in other places such as Ayutthaya, modesty might be essential. I wanted to bridge the gap without having to make many different pieces that only work for singular occasions. 

As I could never market clothes, I wouldn’t personally wear myself, every item in this collection I have tested myself for weeks to see if any adjustments were needed. In terms of aesthetic, I also drew inspiration from my female style icons: Monica Vitti, Ali MacGraw, Lauren Hutton, Catherine Deneuve, Candice Bergen, and Romy Schneider—women who exude effortless beauty and practical sophistication. I envisioned what these women would opt to wear if they were visiting the tropics and ancient temples. Natural materials; billowy, breathable silhouettes; and smart, multi-purpose accessories came to mind. 

As a result, the Wanderlust Collection has a total of 16 pieces: 10 garments, three belts, one bag, one scarf and one pair of shoes. All the pieces can be mixed and matched together to create an endless number of outfits. (It’s all up to the wearer’s interpretation, and there are no rules!) The three belts in this collection are what I consider to be some of the most important pieces. As my garments are mostly free size, belts—which help to section the body or bring in a desired waistline—enable customers to get at least two variations out of each dress. To further honor my mission of making clothes for women of all shapes and sizes, I also developed the belts to be as versatile as possible, with different kinds of fastening functions and appearances, as you will see down below. From just three belts, a variety of looks can be made, speaking to the importance of this accessory as a wardrobe styling tool. Again, there are no rules as to which belt needs to go with which dress. 

Meanwhile, linen is the star of the clothing section. A durable natural textile that has never gone out of style, I’ve selected a particular lightweight linen with a slight translucence that feels nice on the skin, falls beautifully on the body, and is easy to take care of—exactly what you want for tropical clothing. Moreover, all the materials used in the collection, from the linen to the leather, are of the highest quality and lovingly sourced from wonderful artisans in Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, and Chiang Rai, with whom I have built lasting relationships. 

Lastly, I have tied my collection together with an emblem of Wat Arun, while the collection’s look book pictures Hua Lamphong as the backdrop. I selected these two locations as I feel that they best express the feeling of wanderlust in Bangkok. Wat Arun, Bangkok’s Temple of Dawn, is one of the most stunning historical sites in the capital that can make you feel like you’re traveling to a different time. Hua Lampong, similarly, boasts a sense of Old World travel and is still a practical starting point for an adventure today. 

The following are brief descriptions of each piece in the collection. 

Yolanda Shirt Dress

A closet essential, this white linen button-down shirt dress can be worn with trousers, as a top, or without, as a dress. Furthermore, the dress styling can either be belted or non-belted, offering wearers at least three different silhouettes with a single garment. 

Alice Dress

Made from high-quality linen, the Alice kaftan is a light blue, free-size garment that can be worn loose or belted. Details on this model include tunic shirt-style buttons and billowy, long sleeves that taper at the ends for convenient rolling up. 

Jade Kaftan

The flowy Jade kaftan is the breezier sister to Alice with a unique V-shaped neckline and concealed side pockets. Cinch in your waist with our Carla belt, or wear it loose. The kaftan is available in white linen. 

Margaux Dress

For some understated drama, the Margaux dress is a full-length white linen dress with balloon sleeves that is at once elegant and effortless. Free size, wearers can bring in the waistline with a belt. 

Chloe Dress

The sleeveless Chloe linen dress is such a classic silhouette, wrapping around the body and tied at the waist with thin, integrated linen straps. 

Betty Pants

A travel collection wouldn’t be complete without the perfect pair of white linen trousers. Betty has been designed to be roomy but silhouette-flattering. High-waisted with a stretchy band, the pants are three-quarters length—perfect for adventures.

Sharon Dress

The Sharon dress has so many fashionable elements but manages to be very subtle about them. Offered in two colors—light blue and rose—it’s a mini flare dress with an empire waist and charming trumpet sleeves. 

Elsa Dress

For a dark-colored outfit option, Elsa is a black linen dress with a V-neckline and long-sleeves that offers an effortlessly sharp look.

Tess Dress

Perhaps the sexiest dress in the collection, Tess is a black, backless-maxi, linen dress with a halter neckline that ties behind the neck. 

Valeria Dress

This stylish off-shoulder dress comes in beige for a more rustic vibe. The dress can be belted for more accent. 

Lucia Belt

Made from a very soft leather, Lucia comes in four colors: black, brown, red, and pale rose. One of the most versatile pieces in the collection, Lucia is a double-sided belt that fastens with a double ring. I designed for the collection to have such a belt as they are so nifty in belting dresses that have no belt hooks. If you are looking for the perfect belt for dresses like Jade, Margaux, Yolanda, and Alice; Lucia is the one! She can also transform the Alessia bag (down below) into a fashionable fanny pack. 

Gina Belt

Made with the same, soft leather as Lucia, Gina comes with a buckle, instead of rings, and is offered in three colors. The belt can serve the same purpose as the Lucia; however, Gina feels more classic in personality and pairs ideally with the Yolanda shirt dress.

Carla Cotton Belt

A completely different character in terms of belts in the collection, Carla is made from cotton, expertly handwoven by artisans of northern Thailand. The belt comes in four colorways and can be paired with many pieces in the collection, including but not limited to Valeria, Yolanda, Jade, and Margaux. 

Alessia Leather Bag

I never found the perfect compact bag for excursions, so I decided to design one myself. Alessia is made with incredibly soft, imported cow leather and is a small purse that can truly hold many essentials, including sunglasses, a pocketbook, your phone, Airpods, and makeup. The bag is available in two colors—black and dark brown—and comes with two additional strap options for crossbody wear. If you prefer the belt style wear, loop in the Lucia belt so you can travel free-handed.  

Yasmine Mules

Made with super soft imported leather, the comfortable and stylish Yasmine mules come in three colors: black, Camel, and nude.

Camille Scarf

Add a splash of color to your outfit and drape the Camille scarf over your dress. Handwoven with the back strap loom wisdom by the Karen hill tribes, the Camille scarf is fringed at the ends, is made of pure cotton and comes in four colors.  

“Clothes that are not worn are of no interest. Dresses are not made for museums.” 

Michel Klein

I hope that wearers of the Wanderlust Collection will appreciate the inspiration and intention that went into the garments and accessories. The dream would be for the items to become well-loved pieces in the suitcases of fellow wander lusters; companions on your travels from this point forward to make beautiful memories with. Thank you, friends and customers, for being my inspiration!

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