Craftsmanship is the foundation on which the MonPanama brand is built.


MonPanama works with the most skilled artisans from around the world, using premium quality exotic raw materials such
as toquilla palm, bamboo and seagrass.

We are constantly exploring new design concepts by combining the traditional craft methods that have been handed down for generations with exotic materials such as toquilla palm, bamboo and seagrass. Locally sourced soft leather, fine silk, hand-spun cotton and bronze are selected for embellishing the accessories.

By selecting only the highest quality materials and conserving the fine heritage of traditional crafts, we are able to ensure that all MonPanama accessories age beautifully and develop a natural patina over time. During the manufacturing process, every detail matters. All finished pieces go through a rigorous quality control process.

Slow fashion is what MonPanama is all about.

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