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As the weather becomes noticeably warmer these days, MonPanama welcomes the Thai summer season of March–April with a new collection evocative of the tropical feel of this time of year: Tropiques.

At the front and center of this collection is the frangipani flower, a floral that is near and dear to me as one of the first flowers I discovered when I moved to Thailand. Known by many names including plumeria and “temple flower”, the frangipani is not only biologically but also culturally significant to many tropical locations around the world. In Mesoamerica, the Mayans and the Aztecs considered this endemic flower to be symbolic of life, fertility, and femininity. In the Pacific Islands, the frangipani is glorified in beautiful leis and can be used to indicate a woman’s relationship status. In Southeast Asian cultures, frangipanis tend to be associated with the concepts of spirits and refuge, hence often utilized as ornaments or temple offerings.

No matter where in the world you are encountering the frangipani, this flower with its charming petals and delightful smell just speaks of beauty and the tropics—two things we’re also celebrating with our collection. For Tropiques, MonPanama has collaborated with Brazilian artist Caronlina Lenz and her print brand Lenz & Co to create an exclusive print for the collection. Carolina is a childhood friend from Rio de Janeiro who has visited Thailand several times. She was able to translate our shared love for the frangipani flower into a vibrant “70s-inspired” print on cotton. Available in three colourways, the print is 100% cotton, printed in Korea, and oeko-tex certified.

One of the highlights within the collection that features the exclusive print is our Lila dress, named after the Thai word for frangipani, Leelawadee (ลีลาวดี). The dress wraps around the body and ties at the back of the neck in a halter style as well as the waist—a flattering silhouette for many different body types. Lila can be worn to the beach as a stylish bikini cover-up or as a cute, head-turning outfit to a party or a romantic date. The Lila dress also pairs so well with classic MonPanama accessories such as the Bianca or Fedora premium hats and Lisa or Grace clutch. 

For a matching accent to Lila, the Mia semi-turban features the same print and can be worn in many different ways. One of our favourite expressions of the hairband is in the turban style, evoking the Golden Age of Hollywood. Mia can also be worn on the top of the crown as a 70s-style headband, or à la Brigritte Bardot in 1963’s Le Mépris (“Comtempt”). 

The rest is up to your imagination! 

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