How to Style your Panama Hat with Confidence

You Don’t Have to Be a Celebrity to Feel Like One

So, you’ve bought or are considering buying the famous Panama hat, but you’re not sure of how to integrate the accessory with your wardrobe. Don’t worry, we’ve done some of the thinking for you. The Panama hat is a more versatile accessory than many realize. It’s not just for the beach, vacation, or outdoorsy outings. For urban dwellers alike, the Panama hat can easily be paired with day-to-day outfits, whether you’re going to brunch with your lady friends, heading out to sip cocktails and listen to jazz in the evening, or just dressing to impress. Here are five different ways to style one classic hat.

The LBD (Little Black Dress)

What the LBD, or little black dress, and the Panama hat have in common is that they are both classic closet staples. Every woman has at least one black dress in her wardrobe that she knows she looks good in—one that is a foolproof option when she “runs out” of things to wear. If you’re looking for something to spruce up your LBD look, the Panama hat is perfect as it is not a busy accessory and chances are you have the Panama hat with the classic black band that will match your dress.

Try the hat instead of statement jewelry the next time you pick up that LBD.

Satin Slip Dresses

Satin or silk slip dresses have made a big comeback lately in both formal and casual settings. You see the minimal silhouette and shiny fabric at cocktail hour as well as during the day—perhaps worn with a fitted white T-shirt or jacket to keep it more casual and lowkey. However, you favor styling your slip dress, an addition of the Panama hat can add a little edge to this inherently feminine and flowy outfit with its crisp structure, juxtaposing texture and neutral colors.


Let me tell you a little secret: The Panama hat can really “class up” a look in this instance, especially if you’re going somewhere where there will be other women in sundresses, such as a garden party. To stand out from the crowd without breaking the dress code, the Panama hat is perfect. No one will be offended and perhaps many will be inspired.

The Menswear Inspired Look

From tailored trousers and shirts to vests and certain styles of footwear, we love taking pieces that were traditionally considered menswear and making them ours. As the Panama hat was historically popularized by male figures, we can take cues from how men typically style the hat for our own outfits. Why not? For instance, a simple buttoned shirt with its sleeve rolled up, tucked into tailored pants is a guaranteed stylish look to pair with the Panama hat. If you own a suit, then try pairing it with the Panama for the ultimate gentlewoman aesthetic.

The “Wimbledon” Look

Heading to see polo this weekend or have you got invited to a friendly game of pétanque in a friend’s backyard? Occasions like these call for an outfit that’s easy-going, comfortable, yet impressionable, don’t they? You may opt for a button-down instead of a T-shirt or shorts that are slightly more sophisticated than denim. If you still feel like something’s missing before you head out, grab the Panama, which will serve both form and function at your friendly sporty outing, protecting you from the sun and making you look as cool as a cucumber.

Hopefully, some of these styling tips have struck a chord and inspired you to try them or inspired you to invent your own unique Panama hat outfit. As you head to your next outing, don’t forget to consider the hat for a statement piece that will tie your look together and become a conversation starter for onlookers.

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