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Taking your hat with you on a holiday? That’s always a good idea. But one of the many questions we get, as experts in hats, is how exactly do you take your hat with you on holiday? What’s the best way to pack them, carry them, store them? These questions have indeed inspired our innovation and creativity as a brand and inspired us, as well, to write this blog. Whether you’re planning for a big family vacation or a solo trip with just yourself, the following are a few MonPanama travel companions to bring along to make sure things are “smooth

Hat Holder

A small yet immensely useful item, the Magnetic Hat Holder is a versatile travel companion that securely hangs on to your hat when it’s not in use. You can clip the metal ring onto basically any strap, such as a bag strap, handbag handle, or even a belt loop, and then snap your hat by the brim using the Holder’s strong magnetic clasp. We currently have seven different color options for the high-quality leather, including pinks and red, as well as more classic tones like black and brown.

Suitcase Hat Holder

The Suitcase Hat Holder takes the Hat Holder up a notch, built to snap your hat onto the handle of your rolling hard case so that you can roll away and not have to carry your hat in your hands or on your head when you don’t want to. Similar to the Hat Holder, the Suitcase Hat Holder is handcrafted by Thai leather craftsmen and clutches onto the brim of the hat (or multiple hats) by strong magnets.

Hat Carrier

Just as we have protective, organizational bags for our shoes and intimates when we travel, MonPanama offers a specialized bag for hats as well. These Hat Carriers have been designed specifically to carry brimmed hats, like fedoras, jacky hats, and of course, the classic Panama hat. They also serve a purpose when you’re not on the road, as they can help store your hats in your wardrobe.

Hat Box

The Hat Box is one of our personal favorites when it comes to hat storage, not just because it is so effective in keeping your hat safe and clean, but also because it is such a beautiful product in itself. Coming in two sizes, 35 and 42 cm, they are handmade of strong paper board and fabric by our Thai artisans. The MonPanama logo is elegantly silk-screened on the side of the black box, which also has traditional corded handles for function. The Hat Box allows for easy stacking and also makes a dashing impression.

Travel Hat Bag

This tote-style bag made of linen is the perfect travel companion for a few reasons. One: If you’re an adventurer on your vacations—you love documenting your travels and are always equipped with various utility—this shoulder bag can hold plenty of necessities, such as a laptop or change of clothes. It’s fully lined in canvas and also comes with a zipped pocket inside for extra convenience. The other reason to love the Travel Hat Bag is that it allows you to stylishly store your hat on the outside via the leather straps. That way, when you decide to remove your hat, you don’t have to carry it or smash it inside your bag.

Hat Organiser

Last but not least, the MonPanama Hat Organiser is a must-have for hat collectors and aficionados. Suitable for hat organizing at home or while traveling, the Hat Organiser is essentially a belt that can be hung on doors or a wall and from which three hats can be attached via Hat Holders. Three colors of the Hat Organiser are available: black, brown, and cream. Then you can, of course, mix and match any of three Hat Holder colors on one Hat Organiser (there are seven color options for Hat Holders, as mentioned above). It’s a fun way to stay tidy and organized with your hat collection, and there’s no limit to how many you can own.

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Inspired by her travels and her passion for old movies, the Swiss founder of MonPanama, Anne-Claude Toral, has been fascinated by Panama hats and handbags since her childhood…. [read more]

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