How To Wear Your Panama Hat Like A Boss

Men typically don’t have as many options as women when it comes to avenues of accessorizing, but that shouldn’t discourage you from trying and having fun. (Men just wanna have fun too, Cyndi Lauper!) One of the most impactful accessories for both men and women, besides footwear probably, is a hat, and the Panama hat is a staple that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Here are five foolproof ways to style a Panama hat with clothing you probably already own, to prove the point.

The White Button-Down

The plain white button-down shirt to a man is like the little black dress to a woman: essential. However, if you feel like you’ve worn your white shirt every which way already and that it’s getting a little too basic, why not add a hat to the look? The Panama hat with its classic silhouette and neutral colors neither overdress nor clash with the smart-casual shirt, but rather adds some sharp flare to the outfit.

Something Black

If you’ve got a classic Panama hat with the black band, consider the black band an opportunity for color coordination. A black button-down shirt always goes nicely with this iconic Panama hat, as do black-colored accessories such as black shoes and belts if you want the matching to be a little more subtle. Onlookers will surely appreciate the synergy, whether or not they realise how you’ve achieved it.

Something Beige

If you can color coordinate with the hat’s band, then you can also color coordinate with the natural color of the Panama hat’s palm weave. Beige or light khaki pants are a given green light for the hat, but if you want to go slightly more dressed up for an occasion, add a beige or cream-colored blazer for a satisfyingly put-together look.


For men who embrace old school charms and theatrics a little more than others, the thought of the Panama hat can elicit images of classically dashing men in pinstripe suits (most likely in grey or brown tones), complete with a tie and pocket square. If this is your cup of tea, go for it. And if you need inspiration, look at examples like Robert Redford or Sinatra, the ultimate man of hats. 

The Aloha Shirt

For something so patterned and often vibrant, the Aloha shirt is deceptively versatile and a highly flattering piece of garment for many types of bodies. It can be dressed down and dressed up. It suits both younger and more mature wearers. It allows for self-expression through the wearer’s selection of design. And, it always looks great with the addition of a simple and sleek Panama Hat.

We hope these styling suggestions will inspire you to wear your Panama hat out more often as well as inspire you to see the range of possibilities for the hat from clothes that are in your own wardrobe.

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