Fedora Classic

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Readily distinguished by its elegantly pinched crown, the Fedora Classic effortlessly elevates any outfit. With a shape so easily suited to anyone’s personality, there’s no wonder it remains our all-time bestseller. Make it an essential of your wardrobe. The Fedora Classic Panama hat comes in its own beautifully handcrafted hatbox.

Fedora Classic

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The toquilla palm is renowned for its beauty, durability and flexibility. During the labour-intensive manufacturing process, all MonPanama hats pass through the hands of over 20 skilled artisans, each specialized in a different skill, including weaving, dyeing, washing and shaping. Each hat features a stamp of authenticity signifying it has been created in a certified workshop in Ecuador. Due to the natural properties of the toquilla palm and the fact that each hat is individually handwoven, small variations can be expected in the weave, the color and the brim width, all of which combines to create the unique character of each artisan handcrafted hat.


Large, Medium, Small, X-Large


Light honey

Width of brim



Toquilla palm

UPF protection


Weave style


14 reviews for Fedora Classic

  1. Victoria

    Excellent quality. Statement beautiful piece that I love to wear every where I go.

  2. Emma

    The perfect holiday hat, so beautifully made and a really forever piece.

  3. Faisal Malik

    I’ve had my Panama hat for three years and love it. It’s light weight, you barely feel you are wearing it and it fits securely on my head. The owner Annie is a pleasure and takes time to ensure your hat fits you well. I wear mine often on wood hunting trips across Thailand were I can spend 6 to 8 hours a day in direct sunlight. The hat does a fantastic job.

  4. Carlos Ballesteros

    I could not hold long on my first Fedora Classic for the simple reason that my Mother fell in love with it immediately, so I reliquished it happily. Of course it didn’t take much time until I purchased my 2nd Fedora. Like the name suggests, it’s a classic. It looks stylish on both men and women. Apart from the looks, I like how comfortable the hat is; it’s very light (you merely forget that you are wearing a hat), and it allows a good airflow so that it does not feel stuffy.
    Bottom line: You can’t go wrong with Fedora Classic

  5. Loulou

    We had the delightful pleasure to meet Anne-Clauce during a luxurious event. She had a stand with her hats on show. My partner could not resist to try the Ferora Classic and immediately fell in love. Her wore it and showed me to have a confirmation from me that the hat suited him. It was perfect and as a perfectionist I look it up closer and I have to say the word on the hat is great. As beautiful on the inside as in the outside. A beautiful piece that I now steal from his wardrobe to wear myself ?

  6. Veronique Cottereau Pravin

    Le FEDORA CLASSIC est un chapeau mythique !
    Nostalgique et actuel, il évoque le souvenir des films de Bogart et de Bacall.
    C’est l’indispensable et incontournable chapeau qui apporte LA TOUCHE parfaite: vous êtes toujours habillé!
    Qualité haut de gamme

  7. Champ Purgchaipaew

    Love it!! Irresistible beauty. It becomes a must for my trips.

  8. Chris

    A perfect hat for the beach or attending an outdoor event. The superior workmanship and fine weave is clear to the eye and touch when compared with any other normal straw hat. There is no comparison really. The feeling on the head provides both a fashionable sun shade, very light on the head and ventilates well. I would recommend it to anyone looking for the “real” panama hat keepsake.

  9. Janet Ledger (verified owner)

    For some time I’d been looking for the right Panama hat and finally found the Monpanama Fedora classic. I just love it, amazing quality, feels great on and wears well. Sadly I lost my first hat at the end of a long flight and it was not in the lost and found. The team at Monpanama were so helpful and I’m thrilled to have my replacement already which I will make sure I look after.

  10. Nia

    I bought a hat for my boyfriend as a Christmas present and couldn’t resist getting one for myself too! We both love them! The hats are beautifully handmade and hearing the story behind and meeting Anne just made the experience even more personable! Great quality and style would love to add a black one to my wardrobe soon. Highly recommend!

  11. Mya Myitzu

    The Fedora classic hats incite a sense of quality and refinement around exotic travel. My husband and myself purchased ours at Yangon Zay Yangon and used them on the Strand cruise sightseeing Bagan and Mingun with fond memories.
    Mya Myitzu – Yangon

  12. Kate

    The Fedora classic is a true testament to quality craftsmanship. I value that the entire range is sustainably handmade, creating a story to every piece.
    Kate – Bali

  13. Vikki Pearson

    I couldn’t be happier with the beautiful Fedora classic hat. It has been incredibly well made in the traditional toquilla of classic Panamas and it’s a perfect fit. I know it’s a hat that I’ll be wearing for decades to come; it’s a timeless style that will come out every summer. In the winter it will be well protected in the robust and elegant box it arrived in.
    Vikki – London

  14. Federica Rossi

    Adoro il mio cappello Fedora di MonPanama! È un cappello stiloso, dalla linea classica ma molto versatile. Entusiasta della mia scelta.

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