Colonial Premium

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A testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of the inimitable Panama hat makers, the Colonial hat exudes a vintage yet timeless style. With its distinctive central ridge, the hat’s shape is perfect for those looking to avoid a crown that sits too high. The Colonial Premium Panama hat comes in its own beautifully handcrafted box.

Colonial Premium

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The toquilla palm is renowned for its beauty, durability and flexibility. During the labour-intensive manufacturing process, all MonPanama hats pass through the hands of over 20 skilled artisans, each specialized in a different skill, including weaving, dyeing, washing and shaping. Each hat features a stamp of authenticity signifying it has been created in a certified workshop in Ecuador. Due to the natural properties of the toquilla palm and the fact that each hat is individually handwoven, small variations can be expected in the weave, the color and the brim width, all of which combines to create the unique character of each artisan handcrafted hat.


Large, Medium, Small, X-Large



Width of brim



Toquilla palm

UPF protection


Weave style

Mix of Brisa and Cuenca

2 reviews for Colonial Premium

  1. Arianna Caroli

    A Panama Hat accompanies me wherever a go and always makes me feel elegant and fashionable. As a Collector ( and connoisseur) of Panama hats I can affirm that the quality of the beautiful Colonial Premium is extraordinary and it’s a real pleasure to wear it. Merci!

  2. Mitsuhiro Yamada, Hanx Inc.

    Firstly I was amazed with excellent material. It’s very hard to get same material in Japan. I feel anybody, regardless of age, can wear because the shape of crown is very beautiful. I’m grateful that I found such great works make me enjoy polite handcraft by artisan in Ecuador, Fashion history of France, and genial climate in Thailand. Thank you.

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