What’s the best Panama hat style for your face shape?

When you need to keep cool and look cool under the tropical sun, there’s no cooler place to be than in the welcome shade of a Panama hat. And if you want to be sure you’re getting just the right look out of these elegant icons, understanding your facial shape is key to picking the hat style that’s best for you.

We each have one of six basic face shapes: oval, round, oblong, square, triangle, or heart. Have a look here to see how to find your shape, then read on to find out how to pick your perfect Panama!

The oval and triangle are the most versatile face types. Women with these face shapes can pull off most styles of Panama hats, needing only to ensure the hat suits their outfit. Men with oval or triangle face shapes are equally blessed, although the Fedora is always the best choice.  The only caveat for triangle faces is to ensure the hat balances your shoulder line and that the crown is narrower than your cheekbones.

Fedora Premium

Also versatile is the heart shape but avoid large or wide brims as they’ll accentuate your forehead and narrow your chin. Wearing your hat slanted slightly forward will slim your face and draw attention to your eyes. A medium brim is a winner for heart-shaped faces as it’ll balance out your forehead width. Women with heart-shaped faces look particularly good in a Colonial Premium with its high, rounded crown.

Colonial Premium

Your main goal with a round face is to distract from the curves and ‘slim’ your face. Avoid hats with round crowns as they’ll have the opposite effect. Instead, pick a hat with a high crown and straight brim to give your face a more angular appearance. A Jimmy, worn at a slant, will also draw out your face and add some definition.


Conversely, square faces benefit greatly from circular styles as they soften the facial edges. Round crowns and brims are ideal for this, tricking the eye into seeing a more rounded face. Square faced women can really benefit from wide brims and round crowns. A Bianca can add an air of flirty femininity. Overall, ‘squares’ should avoid brimless or short-brimmed hats or any kind of square styles, as they emphasize their angular face shape. A slight tilt breaks up the squareness and adds a touch of chic.


An oblong face is a long face, and so the endgame is to look stylish whilst tricking the eye into shortening the face. Obviously avoid any hats with tall crowns and short brims as they will only elongate your facial features more. Man or woman, the flared or wide brim is your ally, especially when coupled with a low crown. A wide brimmed Fedora will counterbalance vertical curves and help to offset a long face whilst a cloche style worn low to the eyebrows will create the impression of a shortened face.

Fedora Classic

Whatever facial type you have, these tips will help you pick the hat that not only keeps you feeling cool but looking cool.

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